What are some good St. Patrick day themed names for these desserts?

Question by What cookie…: What are some good St. Patrick day themed names for these desserts?
I have a some desserts that I need St. Patrick day themed names for, so if you could give a themed name for at least one of the desserts that would be great! (you can give several names to one dessert if you want)

-mint sundae brownies
-Irish cookies (they are slightly green colored)
-Butterscotch bars
-green popcorn


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Answer by irisane
i think the green popcorn shod be somthing with lepercons. i love lepersons.
The Butterscotch bars should be like pot of gold . i love Butterscotch .
mint sundae brownies shoud probily just be mint brownie. you should bye those clover sprinkle or clorver cookie cutters. same for the cookies.

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  1. ♥ Kenna ♥ Dee ~ Dee says:

    Mint Sundae Brownies: Lucky Mint Chocolate Bars, Lucky Mint Fudge Brownies, Lucky Mint Brownie Towers, Lucky Sundae Brownies….
    Irish Cookies: (add some green food coloring and cut them out into shape of a clover… if u can)
    Green Popcorn: you could do something funny like; Leprechaun Terds…. Leprechaun Brains…. lol, something like that. i think its very cute and quite funny :)

    hope i helped

  2. mymissionxd says:

    butterscotch bars: bars o’ gold
    green popcorn- jumping leprechauns
    cookies: kiss me im irish cookies (haha srry i know thats pretty bad!)
    mint sundae brownies: minty choclate shamrocks

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