Vegan Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies

Welcome to the Everyday Dish vegan cooking show! Dreena Burton takes us through her tried and true recipe for delicious and easy to make homestyle chocolate chip cookies. Go to everydaydish(.)tv to download the recipe Visit the official website: Where you’ll find all of our cooking videos and recipes!

Famous food cloner Todd Wilbur shows you how to make the world’s most popular cookie from scratch. GET FREE TOP SECRET RECIPES FROM TODD Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Website:
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  1. tickyul says:

    Facts mean nothing to a Veganculter!!!!

    Go to Google-Scholar and type in “vegan infant”"failure to thrive”….read some of the documents… MAY(???) change your mind.

  2. tickyul says:

    Nice try, the Vegancult diet is lacking in a lot more than B12. But if I went to the trouble of pointing out biological facts with reference to diet……….well, it would fall on deaf ears. It IS a cult…………….The Vegancult.

  3. tickyul says:

    I hate BOTH parties and feel sorry for any fool that buys into the filth either party spews. Members of The Vegancult have trouble with thinking, they buy into some really foolish crap. Most likely they would buy into the rubbish that the Demorats or Republirats feed them. National Debt….20-22 trillion by the end of 2016………….Go Ameritards!!!!!!

  4. vintagevariety135 says:

    um, chocolate comes from a plant. where do you think it comes from?

  5. vintagevariety135 says:

    um, cows are tortured for you to obtain your butter. vegans don’t torture. she looks healthy to me. you should see me, i’m a vegan, and i’d own you.

  6. vintagevariety135 says:

    you must be a republican, as republicans thrive on fear.

  7. vintagevariety135 says:

    you are such a liar. i’ve never seen an unhealthy vegan kid. ever. but i’ve seen plenty of fat, unhealthy, lazy animal-eating children. it’s sad actually. if I ever have kids, they will be 100% vegan.

  8. vintagevariety135 says:

    not eating dead, rotting, tortured, factory farmed animals is a cult? that’s new to me.

  9. vintagevariety135 says:


  10. RaindropArmy says:

    this looks incredible. if i had more cash to buy the extra ingredients, (dark molasses, the correct sugars, etc) I’d make these asap, and I’m not even vegan.

  11. Nhordmyr says:

    There is far more to like in a being than simply it’s looks. And I dont think I have to name you how shallow most actors and models are, from a perspective of ‘character’ and ‘soul’ and Real ‘charisma’ and so forth. Aside that, you can be sure that I am attracted to other beings that you are. Vice versa, no need to argue about that :)

  12. supahfreeak says:

    I’ve had them and they taste just like regular cookies. You can’t even tell the difference. But then again, you’re probably just a troll.

  13. jazzmina0 says:

    oh thans goodness, i thought he was using regular chocolate chips, i was about to say that this girl is just fucking stupid.

  14. 9dreamoutloud says:

    She is waaay to skinny… poor girl is a walking skeleton!

  15. mrgr2mm says:

    Portia DiRossi, Alison Mosshart, Michelle Pfeiffer? ?!?!

  16. weenermeat says:

    The dialogue in cooking shows always sounds dirty to me.

  17. chiflynex says:

    are you doctor? In fact, it’s the food most people think it’s healthy that’s killing your children. The more natural the food is, the healthier you’ll be. It’s common sense…

  18. TheRoxy0300 says:

    some people have food allergies. Her kids may have a gluten, lactose, corn, or a numerous other allergies.

  19. xSouthParkFanx says:

    Vegan Choc Chip cookies? Nasty. I will stick with the non-vegan cookies. Yum!

  20. MissJordyC says:

    you rock vegan cookie lady. Thanks for not using earthbalance!

  21. Skyyagiz says:

    4:24 : We dont waste anything!


  22. Oksana Molotova says:

    Hot waaata

  23. leokuan says:

    overrated and gets boring real fast

    I could watch this dude all day if he had more videos

  24. MrCoollikeme says:

    fuckin stop about africa u cant help a country that wont help itself

  25. DuraheLL says:

    nooo im pretty sure he just joked about the contrast of how we toy with food outside of africa whilst there they would kill for it

  26. XxGLiiTcH3zZxX says:

    And thus epic meal time was born

  27. BazzzBro says:

    I’ll settle with spending $4 on a package of Oreos on this one lol

  28. allyaluvsme says:

    Dang! That was a waste of money like really!

  29. herrnoss says:

    He is awesome ! I love his videos .

  30. MySundaybmx says:

    4:20 he sounds high

  31. MichaelB769 says:

    … because if he hadn’t bought all that cake mix, surely a starving family in Africa would have.

  32. 10pittgeorge says:

    I so want to just make loads of the filling just to nom on all day :o

  33. JUPItoons says:

    He put something else in that cookie :O

  34. youyoujim1 says:

    2:10 HOT Water :D 

  35. zackschexnider says:

    what a waste of milk and cake batter and shit, you could have eaten as a cake or somethign?

  36. ctba452 says:

    you have got to be fucking kidding me. 6 gallons of fucking milk and all that wasted food? Sad, sad, sad.

  37. ChatRouletteKiller says:

    that motherfucker is on drugs lol

  38. Aidan Fordyce says:


  39. tmessage1 says:

    I think he does a lot of cocaine.

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