The Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookies: Recipe

Peanut butter cookies as delicious as your grandma used to make! shows you a traditional recipe for the Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookies.
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  1. Peggycass says:

    Why not? i would say YES

  2. Peggycass says:

    my opinion, i never had them rolled in Sugar, i think I probably would prefer them NOT rolled in Sugar.

  3. Peggycass says:

    Natural Peanut Butter? The worst thing, unless you eat a lot of PB, it can become RANCID., Rancid foods lead to Free radicals, which can cause Cancer, so NATURAL not necessary healthier. Again, if a person buys it, eats it within a certain time period, better to NOT use ALL NATURAL.

  4. Peggycass says:

    Just beleive you FEEL GREAT, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. I assume that a Cocaine Addict , or Heroine Addict feel great after they get their drugs, Does that mean that they are healthy? Of course not, they listen to their body, their body tells them they neded the drug, they feel great after—-

  5. Peggycass says:

    natural isn’t necessarily good, or better. i once read that you should never buy All Natural potato Chips, the ones without Preservatives—because Chips, esp. fried chips, contain Fat, and Fat, if not preserved, can become RANCID, and Rancid Fats can lead to FREE RADICALS, which can cause Cancer, So ALL NATURAL, without Preservatives,. not necessarily good.

  6. Peggycass says:

    I would think so

  7. Peggycass says:

    As long as you don’t eat the entire batch—1 or 2 won’t hurt.

  8. YummyBaking says:

    somebody stop me eating dezzz helpppp …

  9. YummyBaking says:

    i made dez with smooth peanutbutter day taste amezingggggg!!! so shwy frm inside with crispy outside thanks

  10. YummyBaking says:

    looks great like ur chocolate chip cookies i tried doz r amezing so my quetion is for dis recipe mojo can i use smoth peanutbuter?

  11. marcie986 says:

    try light margarine as a healthier alternative to reg margarine and lighter alternative to butter :)

    ANND if you’re that concerned about health i really don’t think you should be eating cookies to begin with. :P

  12. marcie986 says:

    actually baking with natural peanut butter is a big no no because the oil separates from the peanuts and it messes up your cookies. You have to use regular processed peanut butter that you keep in your cupboard, keep your (yummy) all natural peanut butter in the fridge waiting for your toast.
    And sometimes butter is better but lets face it, the only way you will have unprocessed butter is if u churn it yourself!

  13. shatterhandeve says:

    no wonder you americans are so fucking fat.

  14. Mthreindeer says:

    U had to pack the brown sugar then plop in bowl

  15. Mthreindeer says:

    Can u use butter instead of margarine

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