Q&A: What kinds of “specialty cookies, pies, cakes,” do you make at Holiday time?

Question by : What kinds of “specialty cookies, pies, cakes,” do you make at Holiday time?

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Answer by RoCkiN ThE ♥GREEN♥!CAN YOU???
my dad makesPumkin,Pecan,Peach Cobler,Cherry Cobler,And My Mom Has This Awsome White Cake With Almonds All Around The sides,And Brownies!!Yes We Have A Big Family!(Grandma, Uncle….ect)

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  1. Suess says:

    Something good and different is a Mountain Dew Cake. I made it last year and my family loved it. You can find the recipe online and it is really easy to make.

  2. firefly says:

    magic bars,
    made with chocolate chips,coconut,on a graham cracker crust and covered with sweetened condensed milk.

    sooooo good.

  3. Pitybluesboy says:

    I don’t.
    That’s what a wife is for right?
    She’s a great cook and I clean up now, O.K.?

  4. Mama Kate formerly preggo! says:

    Toll House Cookies (My auntie Rosie’s recipe) yummy!
    Fudge (the recipe on the back of the fluff jar)
    Spiatella (an Italian ultra thin dough pastry, I am unsure if the spelling is correct, family recipe)


  5. Judie(((ST JUDE KIDS))) says:

    Pecan Pie,pumpkin pie,mandarin cake,pumpkin bread,fudge and so many others.Camille i’m guessing you know what you just did,you have made me so hungry and Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet.Good question,thanks for asking.

  6. RB says:

    I make caramels, and Hello Dollies. These are about 800 calories each (for a nice portion). Coconut, chocolate chips, nuts, graham cracker crust, butter, sweetened condensed milk. I think I will try stuffing cherries, then coating them with chocolate !

  7. Val says:

    Pies on Thanksgiving & fudge, bonbons, sugar cookies, pecan pralines, fruit salad, & white chocolate dipped pretzels for Christmas.

  8. Brandi says:

    pumpkin praline cheesecake

  9. Timor Oan says:

    My hubby and I work together on several different items:

    Gingerbread cake
    Pumpkin Bread
    Cheesecakes (yes we have a 99% sugar free / 99% sugar free version, too)

    My hubby recently created a new “recipe” special for the holidays…we call it dessert egg rolls. They are baked, not deep fried, though. He will not let me tell you anything more about them than that. It is VERY top secret! But they are sooo good.

    Last year we made a log cake…just for the fun of it.

    My hubby is trying to write a recipe for the fat and sugar free cheesecake. But because we do not really use recipes per se…we just do it.

    He is having a difficult time figuring out how to write it up. He downloaded some cheesecake recipes that he can use as guides in writing his own. And he plans on buying all of the ingredients this weekend so he can better guess at how much of each ingredient we usually use.

  10. Doctor Happy says:

    I am known best for my cheesecakes and pumpkin breads. But I can do killer pecan pies, cherry pies, apple pies, etc. etc. etc!

    Last year I started experimenting with replacing apples with pears, and replacing peaches with cantaloupe. WOW!

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