Q&A: What are some creative St. Patrick’s day treats?

Question by What cookie…: What are some creative St. Patrick’s day treats?
I need some creative St. Patrick’s day themed treats. Not just the usual clover cookies, but something amazing. Any ideas are grateful, and please attach a possible recipe if needed, or a site that had good ideas!


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Answer by Gabby
Make everything GREEN! You could have clovers that are decorate with green icing and white sprinkles. Chocolate cakes that are minty. Serve GREEN gummy worms with mashed up Oreos as dirt.

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  1. Sugar Pie says:


    12 oz semi sweet chocolate
    1/4 C Bailey’s
    1/4 C heavy cream
    2 egg yolks
    1 Tbsp. butter

    Melt chocolate in a heavy pan on very low temp. Whisk in Bailey’s and heavy cream. Whisk in yolks one at a tim; then whisk in butter. Mixture will start to thicken; refrigerate overnight or until firm.

    Roll into small balls. Dust with xxx sugar or cocoa or chopped nuts or whatever you want. (I did toasted hazlenuts)

    Yield: 16.

  2. Bookworm13 says:

    Make a batch of brownies then frost it in the design of Ireland’s flag.
    Create cupcakes but make the batter green as well as the frosting.
    Make lime jello then decorate it.

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