Q&A: Special cookies for cookie baskets?

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by Phlora

Question by bethanymchaney: Special cookies for cookie baskets?
I’m wanting to start making cookie baskets to sell but I’m not sure how the cookies stay on the cookie stick in the basket? Do I have to make a special cookie dough that slightly hardens or make the cookies thicker or what? Please help! Thank you:)
I only want simple answers. I don’t need the run-around. I know the rules and regulations about doing this. I’m not stupid. I own 2 restaurants and a catering company, Thank you

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Answer by toymama
No special recipe you just have to make sure you dont make the dough to thin. You can get molds in a craft store that are a great way to start. They can gage your thickness of your cookie and have a place for the stick. Good luck.

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  1. shannon r says:

    good day,
    Have you check with your local area. In Texas to sell to the public you have to be inspected by the Health dept.(commerical kitchen- not out of house)
    Have you ever received a cookie basket, what about your baskets and advertising and shipping??
    I know several professionals in San Antonio and asked their
    opinions-all said it took years to perfect their cookie recipe- which they guard w/ their lifes..And have lots of $ $ $ $ .
    Word of mouth and print ads,( coupons) is were most of their business comes from..Are there any (cookie people) in your area. Work for one- perfect your concept, them get your business plan together- don’t expect success for years and
    expect hours and hours of work. good luck

  2. Alina Z says:

    Just put decorated sugar cookies in a basket, and tie a ribbon on it

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