Q&A: Fortune Cookies?

Question by miss congeniality: Fortune Cookies?
If you were hired at a fortune cookie factory, what would you make the fortunes?
I’m not asking about fortune cookies or factories. I’m asking what you would want to get as a fortune.

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Answer by oldfootlose
Never happen,, decisions that involved,, are managements

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  1. Hilary says:

    The fortunes are mass produced at a paper making company, shipped to the actual cookie maker. All they do manufacture the same sayings over and over..
    The flat , small pancake like dough is cooked, put on a line, it gets a piece of paper slipped in and folded.

  2. amcfan84 says:

    She’s asking what you would make the fortunes say, if you could.

    I don’t know…I have always liked this Japanese proverb “Fall Seven times. Stand up Eight”

  3. nate 5 says:

    id write “dont listen to this fortune because it doesnt really make sense—-ur friends will see you walk out the the new diner!!”

  4. Chef Jeff says:

    You will soon leave this crappy job and get a new one.

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