Q&A: Fortune cookies!?

Question by sweet_steph27: Fortune cookies!?
I’ve opened 4 fortune cookies:

“An important event will change your life next week”

“Your hearts desire is now within reach”

“You will have good managerial skills in the future”

“An opportunity will present itself, that you dont have to miss”

Whats my future people?!

Best answer:

Answer by missy
no one knows exactly what the future offers

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  1. mizz kay says:

    Wow, that’s kinda freaky… :[
    But it’s probly luck, cuz they just print the fortunes out and and put them in the cookies, it’s likely the makers won’t really care which fortune cookie you get.

  2. Carborane says:

    none of above. fortune cookies even teach you chinese, will you learn all of them?

  3. ♥ C ♥ says:

    Fortune cookies don’t prove anything.
    They’re random slips of paper, with random sayings on them.
    They’re not personalized at all… Don’t trust them.
    Yeah, they’re fun, but they’re not going to tell you your future.

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