Polish bunny wants a cookie!

Polish bunny wants a cookie!

Dennis is our 5 month old Polish dwarf bunny. Turns out he likes my chocolate chip cookies. Here he is trying to get at his delicious treat.
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Melody Platz samples cookies made in Poland, gives a saucy quote and then spats with her housemate.

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  1. agdollalanie31 says:

    Looks exactly like my bunny

  2. cream981 says:

    imm so sorry about that :(

  3. mskristeena29 says:

    @justnicole14 Awww, I’m so sorry to hear that. When we thought Dennis wouldnt make it, I was a mess. And because of his disability now, we know that he may not live as long as he should and we just have to enjoy the time that we have with him.

  4. mskristeena29 says:

    @robis24232 When Dennis was about 4 months old he tried to climb out of his cage. It was the type that had a colorful plastic bottom and white metal around the top and sides. He stepped up on his chewable tunnel and squeezed half his body through the lid but then he got stuck. We found him in the morning but it was too late, thankfully he survived but there is now permanent damage so he cannot use his back legs and they are very stiff. But he is still happy and healthy and we love him.

  5. justnicole14 says:

    aww reminds me of my Polish Dwarf, she died yesterday at only 4 months old :( Haha, thanks for putting this video on, really reminds me of the good times my bunny and I had :) and my bunnys foot was the same…she had to wear a splint…but died with the splint on =(

  6. TheMeizYouiz says:

    Hehehe. Just died of cuteness!

  7. Dianerd says:

    those are the best cookies ever! :D love them

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