Would these cookies taste good?

Question by ddzaszcxascs: Would these cookies taste good?
I’m thinking of making shortbread cookies and icing them with the sort of chocolate icing you use for a chocolate eclair or donut. Woudl this taste good?

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  1. bibliophile31 says:

    Sounds okay –

  2. bubbly grl says:

    that sounds tasty!

  3. pghpanthers2 says:

    sounds good to me! but i am a pig and will eat about anything

  4. Lynda says:

    Buttery cookie with chocolate frosting? Yummy.

  5. tmb82 says:

    sounds good to me

  6. Kris L says:

    That chocolate icing is called ‘ganache’ and if you made really good shortbread cookies, they would be even more yummy with a ganache topping. You might also want to try adding some ‘flavoring’ to the chocolate … mint, lemon, even cinnamon (use the powder under the ganache for the cookies to look best.

  7. Ice Queen says:

    Usually on shortbread a more solid chocolate is better. Something as simple as melted cooking chocolate would be lovely. A softer icing like the one you are talking about is often better with a sponge or pastry. BUT, if that’s what you fancy, go for it! It could be fantastic!

  8. Guyver BBA says:

    ohhh so sweet! i can already taste it

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