Would dipping sugar cookies in melted white chocolate taste good?

Question by Nikki: Would dipping sugar cookies in melted white chocolate taste good?
My boyfriend doesn’t think I should make them for my holiday cookies since he says they don’t sound like they will be good. I want to dip the cookies in the white chocolate (like you would pretzels) and then decorate them from there. Does this sound good to anyone else?

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Answer by Kieri Baby
I think it does! haha It is just like white chocolate frosting! Just try it out

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  1. Sugar Pie says:

    I think they will be fabulous!

    You coudl also do little drizzles back and forth in one direction over the cookies. That takes less chocolate and is still gorgeous and tasty.

  2. paulcondo says:

    it sound good to bad the doctor won’t let me eat them

  3. James P says:

    Sugar cookies and white chocolate can only mess up my blood sugar. Peanut butter and chocolate would probably beat them but just barely. when and where?

  4. ckngbbbls says:

    of course it sounds good.
    he’s never eaten fudge striped cookies from the Keebler Elves??
    i do all kinds of stuff in the coating chocolates.
    i prefer to use the chocolate but I mix a few white chunks in there and then it tastes more like milk chocolate.
    We do a mixture of peanuts, and marshmallows into the chocolate, pour onto a sheet of wax paper and spread thin and break into pieces after it is cool and we call it rocky roads.
    For the little ones who are not allowed peanuts yet, I coat any nutritious cereal, spread and break into chunks. You have no idea how many grownups gravitate to the cereal ones.
    Another good one is ritz crackers with a layer of peanut butter in between and dipped in chocolate. That is a lovely sweet/salty combo.
    You are only limited by your imagination.

  5. Go AZ says:

    Of course – dip only half the cookie, and then put colored sugars or sprinkles on that half. They look great and taste great. Love ‘em to dunk in coffee, hot chocolate, or milk.

  6. Faith says:

    OMG IT SOUNDS SOO GOOD! and maybe you could do regular or dark choclate for ppl who don’t like white chocolate .. like me :) hehe .. and you can put ice cream or wipped cream or chocolate syup or chocolate chips on it!! or u can make christmas shapes with icing on themm!! :D :D:D:D

  7. Been There says:

    Use a different kind of cookie recipe … something less sweet than sugar cookies. Otherwise it’ll be too cloyingly sweet. It IS possible to have too much of a good thing.

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