Would a guy like a box of cookies for Valentines day?

Question by SilverTongue: Would a guy like a box of cookies for Valentines day?
I Was thinking about making my BF a box of decorated cookies and put them in a heart shaped box that i decorated for for valentines day. I know its a bit cliche, but do you think its a good idea? And if i add something else, what should it be?

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Answer by The Tenebrous Crow
That would be the best present ever. Make sure they are chocolate chip. *thumbs*

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  1. Rebecca says:

    i dont know? maybe, maybe not depends on the guy, buy him something that he might like for example a hobbie!

  2. joanna k says:

    Unless you have a good idea about something else that he might like, this is a great idea! Does he have a favorite cookie? It sounds as though you are going to make sugar cookies or butter cookies… the sugar cookies are the best for decorating. I think that baking or cooking is one of the best things you can do for Valentine’s Day! Do you have a good recipe?

    And your presentation.. the decorated heart-shaped box… sounds great as well!

    I just wrote about the best ideas for Valentine’s Day for a boyfriend here:


    Depending on how you decorate the cookies and the box, you might not need a card. But it is always nice to include simple (not mushy) card.. A handmade card is really special!

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