Working’!! Anime Cookies – Japanese Snack Review – Crazy from Kong !!

FACEBOOK: Arne and Spencer check out cookies inspired by the Anime Show Working’!! What conclusions will they draw ?
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Short image video : How to make japanese style cookies. vegetable cookies / purple potato / pumpkin / spinach No egg Blog/Recipe 和菓子型☆3種の野菜クッキー http://ameblo…
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  1. shimaguni12 says:

    What do you do in Hong Kong? Why do you like Japanese snacks?

  2. alefeb1 says:

    I love how the packaging encourages portion control! We need that state

  3. Crazy from Kong says:

    thank you for noticing!

  4. cr8zygirl839 says:

    iknoo when i did it i didnt see any comments

  5. GlItCh017 says:

    Very jealous at the infusion of culture there is for food/drink products
    that you find. The packaging on this was great. I’d be interested to see a
    run through of a store where you’d pickup an item like this then an on the
    spot review of it if possible!

  6. Crazy from Kong says:

    No, but I want it now! Spencer

  7. Jon Proctor says:

    notice how arne put the wrapper in his pocket. You can tell he respects
    japanese culture, any other person they would just throw it on the floor lol

  8. Ethan Strong says:

    What are the lyrics to the opening?

  9. Jonathan Warren says:

    Please don’t stop making these videos they are a main source of
    entertainment for me!

  10. Crazy from Kong says:

    Glad to hear it!

  11. TheDannyDarka says:

    Those look like they’d be fun :) I can’t wait for the next time you guys do
    a vending machine test! I’d like to see one of you try something completely
    random that you haven’t had before, haha.

  12. Crazy from Kong says:

    East of Tin Hau :-)

  13. Crazy from Kong says:

    We’ll find one sooner or later!

  14. cr8zygirl839 says:


  15. Crazy from Kong says:

    Why thank you very much! We intend to keep going. Please let all your
    friends know about us so we can keep growing! :-) Spencer

  16. andylui3333 says:

    looks like those french cookies from some taiwan brand

  17. ImPichuuuu says:

    Great Video :)

  18. Crazy from Kong says:

    hahaha, I guess so! :-)

  19. Crazy from Kong says:

    I actually sampled and cut up an old punk rock record and a funk record,
    which I then re-pitched, filtered and mashed together. I guess if you look
    at the source material the actual words would be something like “I got you
    / On fire”. – Arne

  20. chi nomi says:


  21. happyphotocafe says:

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