Will food coloring affect the taste of my cookie glaze?

Question by April: Will food coloring affect the taste of my cookie glaze?
I’d like to make my lemon sugar cookies, but I want to make them more festive for Christmas. On these lemon sugar cookies, there is a lemon glaze that I make. I thought I would use red and green food coloring. I’m afraid though that this will affect the taste or maybe even add an unwelcome flavor into the glaze.

Does anyone know if this will happen?
And there are many types of food coloring. For a sugar glaze, what type should I be using?

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Answer by That Thing
it shouldn’t unless you bught cheap stuff.

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  1. Dune says:

    No it will not.

  2. Sam Smith says:

    no, food coloring is flavorless you’ll b fine. sound yummy!

  3. carrie018 says:

    What kind of food colouring? If it is liquid, it could affect the consistency of your glaze. I always use gel food colouring, which you can buy at places like Michael’s, because you only need a tiny bit for a lot of colour and it doesn’t affect the consistency of your recipe.

  4. Lisa S says:

    food coloring will not affect the taste but it may affect the consistency

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