Will Christmas cookies I make this weekend be fresh for Christmas?

Question by Jersey Pride: Will Christmas cookies I make this weekend be fresh for Christmas?
I am planning on making a bunch of Christmas cookies,rice crispy treats and brownies for gift boxes as presents and for Christmas dinner.

If I make them over the weekend will they keep fresh til Christmas?

xoxooxoxoxo Thanks!
**** Sure you can all have some!

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Answer by teamkimme
Absolutely! I started making mine last night. Just be sure to put in a tightly sealed container. GOOD baking and Merry Christmas

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  1. M.L.J says:


  2. tessa46 says:

    yea if you put them in a bag and seal them up then put them in the freezer, then unthaw.

  3. prometheus_th3_l3g3nd says:


  4. MrsChief says:

    They should be fine. keep them in an air tight container.

  5. Jino D says:

    Most of them will remain fresh. The brownie and any other cookie with butter will keep best in the refrigerator for a few days. However, your Rice Krispie Treats should be made the day before, they will get dry and hard no matter what you do.

    What I like to do is double the recipe for rice krispie bars and press them in the bottom of a 9X13 cake pan with a glass that has non-stick spray on the bottom of it. Let them sit at least an hour. Take a large cutting board and “WHAK!” flip it over and you’ll get one big Rice Krispie Bar that can be cut into large squares easily with a large knife and then cut them again into triangles and wrap in Christmas Saran Wrap for a great effect.

  6. enjoy life! says:

    Yes they will stay fresh as long as you store them properly.
    I make cookies every year and store them in airtight zip lock bags to keep them soft.
    For the brownies and krispy treats use an airtight container.
    I don’t think you should store them in the fridge but rather in a cool dry place.

    ps… can I have some? :)

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