Will baking get rid of the alcohol taste in my cookie batter?

Question by Dana: Will baking get rid of the alcohol taste in my cookie batter?
I’m making lemon cookies, and the recipe called for 2 tbsp of lemon extract. As of now, the batter tastes (in my opinion) disgusting, because of the alcohol in the lemon extract. Will the heat of the oven (375 for 9-11 minutes) get rid of this taste? I don’t want my cookies, which are being served to young kids, to taste like Lemon Smirnoff!

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Catt
Yes, alcohol burns off.

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  1. Kongordzol says:

    The alcohol evaporates when they are baked in the oven. That’s why it smells so good.

  2. renee says:

    i dont know about lemon but i have had that taste with vanilla extract and it went away after baking

  3. Patricia C says:

    All alcohol contents are removed by the cooking/baking process.

  4. Cowgirl_Power says:

    2 tbsp seems like a lot. The bitter taste is most likely from the lemon extract Not the alcholol.

    Next time reduce the extract to 1 tbsp and add some lemon zest for better flavor.

    I would roll or sprinkle with sugar to balance the bitter taste.

  5. princess says:

    yes that will get rid of the taste

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