Why the Democrats have to get All the Popular & Electoral votes to win in 2008?

Question by QMan: Why the Democrats have to get All the Popular & Electoral votes to win in 2008?
1) Getting the popular vote is not enough to win the election, like we saw in Election 2000.

2) The majority may like the democrats,but we have to get most of the Conservative Red states Electoral votes to win the election hands down without any controversies.

3) We have to be sure the American people agree with our ideas for America’s future.

What do you think?

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Answer by lucky_j_2003
you don’t need all the votes of the electorate just a majority

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  1. digital genius says:

    if they democrats had any actual ideas for the country, they would get more votes.
    im not ragging on the dems only here,
    they are currently leaderless. no clear vision, at least none they’ve told the american people.

    the repubs are no better. they just keep getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

    time to vote BOTH lying murdering theiving parties out and elect some NEW parties to office.

    let the dems and repubs BOTH know that they had better wise up and get a clue about how to run this country, we can still vote their azzez out in a heartbeat.

  2. kristycordeaux says:

    Even if the Democrats win everything, what will change? Nothing. Everything in government will be gridlocked same as usual and nothing will be accomplished.

  3. rarizzo24 says:

    It’s not going to happen. The Midwest feels that the liberals have no values and will always vote Republican. Democrats can always take California, New York, Massachusetts and still lose.

    The majority of American is conservative – no matter if they vote Republican, democrat, liberal, etc. What Democrats also don’t get is that basic Republican standards (less government involvement in our daily lives) are that last bit of information that break the indecisive ties when people vote. Which person is less likely to screw up – and the Midwestern states will always goes with the conservative choice.

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