Why is American foreign policy so duplicitous and inconsistent?

Question by nononsense: Why is American foreign policy so duplicitous and inconsistent?

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That’s a natural result of having a change in leadership every 4 or 8 years. Each change in leader brings changes in policy. Even complete reversals at times.

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  1. Longhaired Libertarian says:

    It is inherent in our structure of national government, that is why the founders called for no foreign involvement. Bush invades Iraq, Obama will pull us out, crap like that will continue until we just stop all foreign involvement.

  2. TJTB says:

    Actually it’s consistently duplicitous.
    It’s because we think short term when we interfere with other nations’ domestic matters. For example we, with collaboration with Britain, overthrew a pro-western, democratically elected government in Iran in the 50′s just to keep our hand and the hands of BP in the Iranian oil cookie jar (Operation Ajax). We paid in 1979 with the hostage crisis and we are still paying as we contend with an autocratic extremest regime whom we OKed and indirectly installed in 1980 to keep the Soviets at bay, after their Afghani invasion. Short sighted things we do always come back and bit us in the rear. It’s called blow back… we act for short term gain and we don’t care about the consequences of our actions in the long term.

    Edit: Here is a little info about the aforementioned Operation:


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