Why are my chocolate chip cookies coming out flat?

Question by fast driver: Why are my chocolate chip cookies coming out flat?
My cookies look fine during the baking cycle, but as they cool they become flat like pancakes. Why is this happening?
I’m using baking soda and no baking powder. Do I need to refrigerate my baking soda?
Thank you for all of your suggestions
An extra thanks to former baker. I will mix longer and reduce some of the chocolate chips.

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Answer by Seal8
do u use baking powder?

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  1. Mady B says:

    there might be air bubbles in the cookies causing them to become flat or u might not have put enough flour in the batter?

  2. missy says:

    did u put in baking soda ? self raising flour? oven at the right temp ?

  3. Kris says:

    Not enough flour, try adding more flour to your cookie dough!

  4. kypswei says:

    Put in some more flour. Happened to me just the other day and it works ;) Yum, can I have one?

  5. * Wednesday * says:

    try putting ingredients that add “body” like oatmeal or crushed almonds, walnuts, etc…..mmm I’m getting hungry…

  6. sux_2b_ewe says:

    You might not have mixed the mixture long enough, or you might need a little more flour. Your cookies will lose some of their bulkiness when cooling off, but if they are going completely flat then it has to do with the gluten in the flour not being worked sufficiently to hold the structure of the cookie, or there not being enough gluten to hold the structure, or both.

    ADDITIONAL: It has nothing to do with your baking powder/soda or eggs. Since you state your cookies are rising then these leavening ingredients are working fine. Eggs do add a little something to the structure of your cookies, though, so having bad eggs can create a slight problem in that respect but wouldn’t cause such a drastic change. The same goes for the fats (butter or shortening) used. Your cookies would drop in the oven if the dough was too short, not after you took the cookies out. So the problem lays in the flour and/or how it was mixed. There is the possibility that you have too many chips in the dough. This would cause too much weight on the cookie after it had baked and would make the cookies collaspe while cooling.

    Don’t mix it too much, though, or your cookies will become tough.

  7. Monkey Man says:

    oven not hot enough, need more flour, cooling on wire rack rather than pan?

    pick one

  8. chick p says:

    maybe your not using enough flour

  9. Michelle y says:

    try adding a bit more flour. or mix them longer. if not ur oven temp could be off. so turn it up a degree or 10!

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