Why are Koulourakia: Butter cookies Greek? What is the Koulourakia origin?

Question by Janice K: Why are Koulourakia: Butter cookies Greek? What is the Koulourakia origin?

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Answer by kirene45
Different kinds of traditions on Greek Easter are followed and are very dear to the Greeks. As during the Holy Week complete fasting takes place and huge gatherings are witnessed in churches where mass prayer services are held. However, the major facet of this religious festivity is the mouthwatering Greek Easter foods which are prepared with great care and attention. On each day, a special recipe is prepared in honor of Christ as on day of Resurrection “mageritsa,” “Tsouréki” and Koulourakia etc. are arranged and feasted by the whole family.

Koulourakia = greek easter cookies

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  1. mentzel63 says:

    koulourakia means small cookies. its not a particular type of cookies, its just a word for any kind of cookies. the most traditional cookies in greece are indeed the easter ones..i ll give you the link to the recipe. they are great, i love them! besides these, there are thousands of recipes and kinds of cookies…

  2. supersonic332003 says:

    Adding to the answers above, well, I do not know who first made koulourakia (any kind), but the word actually means “small kouloures” = “small loops” = “small ring-like circles”. Kouloura, which is the singular of kouloures, is also a synonym for the wedding crown in christian weddings.

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