Whole Foods No-Bake Cookies: Chocolate Krinkles V2

Recipe: http://www.healthyeatingstartshere.com/recipes/whole-foods-chocolate-krinkles I know a lot of you are like me, and like to make ridiculously yummy tr…

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  1. SimpleHealth83 . says:

    These are awesome! Just finished my 2nd batch – so yummy :)

  2. Natalie Nielson says:

    Hi Heather! Great recipe. Thanks for sharing. I made some substitutions. Dried figs instead of dates for softness. (My food processor can’t handle dates without liquid.) Also I used a crushed rice cake for the crispies. The batter was almost too sticky to work with and very difficult to clean. But they taste awesome! Is this the case when using dates? Also, what is your take of figs in general? Thanks

  3. TheHotPlate1 says:

    Love this healthier version, such a great way to have something we all love in a better way!

    xo @TheHotPlate1

  4. Cooky Mnster says:

    Thanks for sharing another healthy recipe Heather! Happy Belated Birthday! Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead!:)

  5. Trish Parnham says:

    Heather – how long can you keep tahini? Also, does it have to be refrigerated? Love your videos!

  6. Fred S says:

    this looks sooooooo good, i need to go shopping now thank you..keep smiling …(;-]

  7. LettingLifeHappen says:

    I love no-bake drop cookies, but haven’t really made them since our daughter is allergic to peanuts. Thanks for giving me hope that we once again can enjoy :)

  8. 1221tam says:

    The recipe looks good but I literally hate tahini (LOL). I’ve tried several brands, even the ones that “claim” they are less bitter. Omgosh, tahini tastes wretched to me :) Thanks for all the great recipes and healthy lifestyle info you share.

  9. kokoro nagomu says:

    looks great! another suggestion would be to used ‘grade B’ maple syrup as it’s not as refined as the ‘grade A’, i think it tastes better too.

  10. ckrtom2 says:

    Love this healthy recipe ! I assume the puffed rice is optional? I would like to add some chopped nuts and I am guessing this would make it like brownies. I don’t have a food processor and I don’t think the blender would handle this mixture. Would processing by hand work–mincing everything with a chef’s knife? I agree using your hands is the only way to meld everything together.

  11. xoDVF says:

    Nomnomnomnom, yay a sweet easy to make snack for my meal plan. Thanks for sharing.

  12. TheCelticdragon89 says:

    I love V1 Krinkles but will try these too.Thank you!

  13. Heather Nauta says:

    perfect! I hope they like them :)

  14. Heather Nauta says:

    date balls are the best :) just a ball of awesomeness…

  15. Heather Nauta says:

    thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

  16. Heather Nauta says:

    they’re so much yummier :) you won’t regret it…

  17. beckbpink10 says:

    These look so yummy Heather!..thanks so much for sharing!..I’ve been looking for a cookie to replace the regular no bake cookie with refined sugar and butter..etc..my boys will love these! …Becky

  18. rawcrave says:

    I love making date balls. I will have to try this in the near future D.W. Thanks for sharing. =)

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