where to buy vegan cookies and what brand?

Question by cat: where to buy vegan cookies and what brand?

Could anyone tell me where I can get vegan / dairy free cookies from? What brands are you buying and where can I get them from?
How much do they cost?

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Answer by Lolno
It would be hard unless you went to a specialty health nut store or whole foods (same thing) or something similar. It could be easier to make them yourself … and cheaper

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  1. VeggieTart -- Let's Go Caps! says:

    There are a number of brands out there. Newman O’s are typically vegan and you can get those even in conventional grocery stores (but I’ve found them cheaper at Whole Foods). If there’s a Trader Joe’s their JoJos are also vegan.

    Mi-Del makes vegan cookies as well, ginger snaps and lemon snaps.

    But part of being a vegan means reading the freaking label, and you’re going to have to do that.

    The cost depends on where you live and what store you go to.

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