where do i get a cookie basket?

Question by hjkll: where do i get a cookie basket?
im baking cookies for my friends birthday, and I wanna put them in a basket and put ribbons and make it all pretty….but where would i go to get a cookie basket? and im not entirely sure how to dress it up with ribbons and tissue and things?

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Answer by Taina
walmart’s craft or garden section. Or any craft or hardware store should sell baskets/ribbon

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  1. softaiil952000 says:

    Your local craft store or big box store ( walmart etc.)

    Also buy the holiday cellophane – it comes in a roll – by the wrapping paper

    Put cookies in basket and set on cellophane
    Cut cellophane about 12″ larger than the basket
    Place basket on cellophane and bring all corners to the top of basket
    Twist to hold it and tie a ribbon around it
    It will be a nice gift basket and it will keep your cookies nice.

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