Where can I get the best chocolate chip cookies in Chicago?

Question by Erin Jean: Where can I get the best chocolate chip cookies in Chicago?
So, I live in Chicago. My anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up soon, and he loves loves loves chocolate chip cookies. I know this sounds lame, but I either want to get him a basket of the best chocolate chip cookies in Chicago or I want to go to a few of the best places and get cookies from each of them. Obviously this isn’t the only thing I’m doing for our anniversary, but I thought it might be a sweet part. I’ve baked him cookies many times, so I decided to opt out of that.
Any answers are appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Cait says:

    Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Wicker Park sells the popular bacon chocolate chip cookie. Specialty’s in the Loop has a good almond chocolate chip cookie. Mrs. Fields bakery (Loop, other locations) sells those chocolate chip cookies.

    Carol’s Cookies in Highland Park makes a crazy half-pound chocolate chip cookie.

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