What’s the best gift a boyfriends mom would like for Easter?

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by blese

Question by Becca S: What’s the best gift a boyfriends mom would like for Easter?
My boyfriends mom got me a big Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and a little stuffed animal rabbit
I want to get her a little gift including a card but I don’t have any clue what to get her! Any ideas? (she doesn’t eat chocolate or candy)

Thanks SO much :)

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Answer by Spitfire {The Goddess}
Moms love potted plants.
Especially if she doesn’t eat chocolate or candy, she is probably the type to like potted plants.

Go to Wal Mart, and buy a LIVE easter lily plant, they usually come in decorative baskets.
She can enjoy it for easter, and then plant it when she has used up the decorational value of it in her home.

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  1. gildersleeve says:

    Flowers, of course! Beautiful cut flowers are always welcome (but pay attention to any types she’s allergic to).

    In a pot, if she likes to garden.

  2. Lorna says:

    Why not bake her something.Cup cakes,an Easter Cake,cookies…on Easter it never hurts to have extra treats on hand.

  3. PixieRobins says:

    There are bulb plants sold in my area.
    Daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, narcissus, iris.
    These are all spring plants… and then maybe a plant companion, one of those bunnies on a stick or a butterfly on a wire that sits in the plant.
    With a big bow on the front of the pot (usually foil wrapped, plastic), with replanting instructions attached.

  4. jandismommie says:

    A hanging basket, potted plant, or a cute Easter decoration.

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