What’s the best cookie press?

Question by Luv my Lab: What’s the best cookie press?
I have tried a couple of them and have had difficulty with them, none have made the spritz cookies as easy as I remember.

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Answer by Mehadi Hassan
I bought a trigger style cookie press at Williams-Sonoma – and I am very dissapointed. The die … for tips and then used the official Wilton recipe,

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  1. Janet Pierce says:

    I still have my moms metal one from 1952. She mailed it to me after I’d tried TEN different ones with no luck :/ The new ones are crap. Find an ancient one on eBay.

  2. Angel says:

    I have a Presto Electric Cookie Shooter! It sits in the cabinet and I use a piping bag with a special tip I mashed just for spritz cookies!! A large star tip, mashed flat on one third of the point.

    Oh, yes, large piping bags can be found at hardware stores in the plastering section! they are used there for piping grout between bricks and things. Wash it in hot soapy water, and rinse in clorox water and dry!! It is large enough to put a whole recipe of spritz or other piped cookies in.

    its also heavy duty and doesn’t break in the seam as fast as the Wilton and other bags do.

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