What would happen if a diabetic took far 2much insulin? How long would u have to treat them before they died?

Question by Richard: What would happen if a diabetic took far 2much insulin? How long would u have to treat them before they died?
If a diabetic take a large amount of insulin, would like kill them?
How quickly?
Any now would you spot the semptoms?
and if it didn’y kill them, would there be any lasting medical problems?

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Answer by chancealot
Absolutely! It is far better to have an elevated blood sugar. Too low of a blood sugar and you are in big trouble. There is a possibility of brain damage and possibly death.

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  1. evany says:

    Taking too much insulin would result in the persons sugar going very low very quickly. I have done this (by accident) and have had to drink sugar water for over an hour before the sugar readings would start coming up.

    If that person couldn’t get the sugars to rise than they would go into a coma. This could lead to the person dieing or being left with permanent brain damage if left long enough.

    Symptoms would include, pale skin, sweating, acting drunk or confused or angry, though symptoms vary person to person.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Gary B says:

    If the amount of overdose was HUGE, yes it would kill them.

    But first they would appear disoriented, like they are drunk. Then they would pass out. THEN they would die.

    If you recognize the symptoms (appearing drunk) soon enough, you feed them some sugar to counteract the insulin. Orange juice is good, or cookies. It take about 5 minutes to begin to work, and about 15 minutes for someone else to see a change back to normal.

    If they have already passed out they need an EMT immediately! They cannot eat or drink when passed out, and so IB fluids are necessary.

    Once they are dead, they are dead. There is no treatment for death.

    If a person takes too much insulin and needs treatment, they will usually be OK once their blood sugar are brought back to normal. In this case further “treatment” is education to help prevent them doing it again. If they did it on purpose, then they need mental health treatment concerning suicide.

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