What would be some good ideas for wedding cookies?

Question by crissypue: What would be some good ideas for wedding cookies?
My moms wedding is August 8th and me and my lil brother want to make homemade cookies for the wedding but we need ideas on what to write and decorate on them

The cookies we are using are chocolate chip and sugar cookies.

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Answer by Megs
Below are some photos I found on google which may give you some ideas!



http://foxriverbnb.com/images/menu/mexican-wedding-cookies.jpg < these are Mexican Wedding Cookies





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  1. beth s says:

    keep it simple that way they look alike and you don’t have to worry to much about messing up . her initials + his = heart is cute, or just hearts in their colors

  2. riversconfluence says:

    Just good old chocolate chip would be great, but make the second kind a sugar cookie, frosted in the colors of the wedding. Or perhaps using a cookie cutter and making it a wedding shape like the cake, a heart, a dove, a butterfly, whatever, and decorating it accordingly. Make it as fancy or as simple as you would like. If you want, write the bride and grooms name on some, the wedding date, the word love, or bride and groom. Look around, you might find some really neat cookie cutters might even find a bride and groom one. Neat if you make them look a little like the real bide and groom. Your skill level at decorating will determine what you want to do.
    If you wish, you could put the cookie on a stick. You could wrap that in celophane, like a lollypop, or just put them on a plate or cake stand.
    Go to Martha Stewart. com, she has great recipes and designs.

  3. Jess N says:

    Maybe you could find cookie cutters with a seasonal theme…like for August I guess it would be suns or something, or whatever is native to your area, and then you don’t have to write anything on them.

  4. Blushing Bride-To-Be!!! says:

    How about using bell shaped cookie cutters or ring shaped cookie cutters to make wedding cookies that sounds like a really good idea. I think that I might use that idea.

  5. sden2616 says:

    For the sugar cookie ones you could get gingerbread man and woman shaped cookie cutters and then decorate them like a bride and groom.

  6. jennafer719 says:

    Write a monogram in calligraphy it would be classy yet cute

  7. B2B 6-27-09 says:

    half dip each in white chocolate and then drizzle colored white chocolate matching the wedding colors over that!

  8. Kit says:

    We are packaging 2 cookies back to back, one white sugar and one chocolate sugar. On one side will be my initial and on the other it will be his.


    Got the idea from this site. Hope it helps.

  9. Cindy B says:

    I was thinking about making cookies for my wedding and found this fun book at the library called The Flour Pot Cookie Book:


    They’re basically sugar cookie recipes and you use various cookie cutters to get the shape you want. Then you use the same cookie cutters to cut out fondant for the icing. It’s a good book to get some inspiration. I came up with a simple design of a heart-shaped cookie and planned to write my fiance’s and my initials on the cookie. Then I was going to wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon to match my wedding colors. Unfortunately I ran out of time and ended up buying some candle favors. Have fun with the cookie making! If this sounds too complicated you can always put your cookies in a nice box.

    Here’s a site for some ideas:


  10. Lee says:

    If you have a wedding theme, get cookie cutters that fit that theme and make those your cookies. I’m getting married on a boat, so I bought a bunch of nautial cookie cutters (anchor, seagulls, ship wheel, etc…)
    You could have a fun cookie decorating day with a bottle of wine and your mom’s, sister’s, bridesmaid’s, etc…

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