What would be a good holiday treat to cook for a diabetic person?

Question by Voice: What would be a good holiday treat to cook for a diabetic person?
I’m trying to find something that I could make that a diabetic relative can eat during their visit with family around Christmas time.

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Answer by paul s
sugar free jello

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  1. whirlwind says:

    sugarless cookies

  2. Doug W says:

    The usual, just replace sugar with splenda.

  3. Cammie says:

    What about a special gift that doesn’t involve food ?
    People with diabetes can eat anything they want.Just try not to put them on the spot.

  4. winteroseny says:

    I am a diabetic, so I have a few ideas. For breakfast, eggs and bacon are a good choice they don’t cause the blood sugar to elevate too much. Offer toast or bagel, they may refuse depending on whether their sugar is high or low that day. It is a constant balancing act. Diabetics can eat anything they want within reason. For the main meal, have a few vegetable dishes (green veggies) and turkey is no problem. For dessert, they may have a sliver of the sugary dessert, but I always make my favorite brand of sugar free jello with lite syrup, fresh fruit is good. A good tip on making the jello is when it calls for cold water, I use sugar free sprite or 7Up instead. It gives it a little zing. A chocolate cream pie, or any type of pudding pie in a graham cracker crust as long as you use sugar free pudding is good.

  5. steven r says:

    diabetic 31 years. It depends what kind of diabetic they are. A type 2 who takes medication would have different diet concerns than a type 1 who takes insulin.
    I am type 1 and you know what sure jello sugar free is same thing basically, but most everything else, make what you might normally make. I will just do more insulin if I feel like eating the sweets you made for everyone else, hell the whole meal is so carb-heavy extra insulin will already be necessary.
    I must say that when most people go out of their way to make some sugar free whatever, it not nearly as good as regular. If I’m gonna cheat my diet a little and have something extra, I want it to taste good. The nicest thing you could do is have the information available as to the carbohydrate content of all foods available, this could be difficult, but would really help any diabetic.

  6. Staci says:

    Look it’s wonderful u want to accommodate ur relative… but I would talk with them. Because the bottom line even if sugarfree, diabetic friendly … usually they are to avoid or have such a small amount they may avoid that part of a meal all together.

    Sugar, sugarfree, and fats are their enemy period. So even real meal foods can cause them problems. Salt/seasoning ur using for everyone can have them really sick. I would talk with them to make sure ur providing food items that they can enjoy, cooked to their requirements and dessert totally optional. This link to american diabetes might help?

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