What type of food coloring/dye should I use to create rich colors ?

Question by L: What type of food coloring/dye should I use to create rich colors ?
Hello, I recently started baking this year and so I’m pretty new at things. I plan on making my specialty iced sugar cookies this year for christmas using holiday cookie cutters. What dye do I use to make rich colors?(green and red in particular) It seems that I can only make pastel colors with the food coloring that I have.

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Answer by Vegas2LA
Just go to the grocery store and look for the “McCormick” food coloring …. it comes in Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. You can buy a multi pack with all 4 in it – or you can buy them individually.

They also sell the pastel colors – Which is probably what you currently have / are using.

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  1. kiwi8 says:

    Check out the Wilton food colors. Walmart has them, Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s. The ones in grocery stores are typically too week for the more saturated colors. I do believe they come in gels and liquids.

  2. steph says:

    Your best bet is to use gel colors. They are a lot thicker and make for deeper colors. Wilton makes them, I know. The food coloring you get in the grocery aisle is too thin and would take so much of it to get the color you want.

    If all else fails, go to your local bakery and see if they’ll sell you some colored frosting, most bakeries will sell by the pound.

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