What to put into a jello raffle basket?

Question by Jade Sertrange: What to put into a jello raffle basket?
Recently our band teacher has made each section provide a raffle basket and for some reason my section has decided to put together a jello raffle basket. Basically I don’t know what to put in the basket besides jello. Since my section refuses to do any other basket but a jello theme, another basket can’t be done. So 1: what do we put into the basket besides jello packets.
2: what type of basket should we put everything in.
3: would you personally bid on a jello basket?
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Answer by poinee
tim tams

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  1. Adina says:

    1. I would put plastic cookie cutters (they make fun shapes out of jell-o)
    I would put a bunt pan in there for fruit cakes
    I would put dried fruit in there for fruit cakes
    I would put a jell-o recipe book, or print out recipes and make your own cookbook
    I would out small jell-o bowls with spoons( they don’t have to be specifically for jell-o just some cute bowls would look nice)

    2. I would put it in a straw/wicker basket or a huge jell-o bowl!

    3. I love jell-o so I would bid on that basket!

    Best of luck!

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