What to do with leftover gingerbread cookies?

Question by Veronica: What to do with leftover gingerbread cookies?
I have several left over gingerbread cookies from a party. Any suggestions on recipes that are simple and use gingerbread crumbs?

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Answer by william c
Depends on how many “several” is. If you have enough, you could use the crumbs, to make a crust for a cheese cake.

Or, you could wrap them up and leave them for your mail carrier. :)

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  1. Damien M. Cross says:

    One thing you can do would be to put them in a food processor, grind them up and use them as a substitute for a graham cracker crust for pies.

    Another idea would be to use the gingerbread crumbs as a coating for chicken.

    If there’s anything you might use regular breadcrumbs for, you could probably use the gingerbread crumbs for as well, provided the flavors would go together well. :)

  2. Crazy Tequilla Girl says:

    well usually people bring them to the office, they go quick

  3. Donna... says:

    Heyah i don’t really know how many several is but anyway you could make a cheese cake topping or a chees cake bottom, You could also make a ermm (running out of ideas!) a desert of chocolate gingerbread moose with crumbs mixed into the mixtur and/or sprinkled on top!!! Yummy

    Hope I Helped !!

    Good Luck :D

  4. sufc11 says:

    Leftover gingerbread cookies and shortbread are particularly prized for cheesecake.

  5. heleni says:

    Crumble them over ice cream, and to make it extra yummy add some hot chocolate sauce.

  6. cindy_lu_who2000 says:

    Crumble them up and put them over ice cream.

    Or mix the crumbles with a little melted butter and press it into a pie pan for crust on cheesecake.

  7. littlebear1961 says:

    Send them to me..my Christmas fave!!

  8. rottenbanana0007 says:

    give them to the poor

  9. Chocolate Lover says:

    Well…I don’t know about gingerbread crumbs…but what I’d do is EAT THEM ALL!!!!!

    ….or crush them, and then eat their crumbs….

  10. ItsMe says:

    Make a trifle. Layers are crumbled gingerbread cookies, pumpkin or vanilla pudding, and whipped cream. Very yummy!!

  11. keeley says:

    take them 2 someone 4 a gift

  12. Ask Mike says:

    Create a ginger bread house

  13. bk says:

    I would give them to friends or I would sell them just for 25 cents

    If you want I would give them as early gifts or just gifts

    Don’t let them get old!!!!!!!!!!

  14. love it says:

    i would give them to other people,because that’s a nice thing to do.

  15. *LiL Mz. Sunshine* says:

    eat it or give to your neighbors

  16. Dawg says:

    all of the above and also crumble them up and add to oatmeal for breakfast.

  17. fieldhockeyxox1 says:

    eat them =) Give some to me too!

  18. ♫ Mo☺♪ says:

    -homeless shelter
    -people who didnt go to the party

  19. sav says:

    you can eat them :)

  20. Tom C says:

    Save them for Christmas night and leave them out for Santa Claus with alot of milk.

  21. nick says:

    Put them in a bag, crush `em
    make a vanilla or chocolate milkshake with them


    Anything else with ice cream!


    Make a Pie Crust


    grab a glass of mmilk and chow down :)

  22. whomeohno says:

    make a pie topping or sundae topping

  23. simplysuewi says:

    put them in a food processor add butter and make a pie crust. Kinda like a graham crust. Sprinkle.. them(crumbs) on a frosted cake

  24. angela h says:

    What I would do is eat them or i would give them to my dog.

  25. Trina L says:

    Either give them to relatives or give them away

  26. Caught U Looking says:

    Meatloaf or Shepherd’s pie and then Take it to a homeless shelter for distribution.

  27. Beautiful<3Disaster says:


  28. swim chick says:

    You could use them as a crust
    Make ice cream sandwhiches out of them
    Make s’mores out of them
    Leave them for santa!

  29. Fish <>< says:

    The address is P.O. Box uh, better not.

  30. JOHN JR says:

    I’ll bet they would make a great crust for a cheesecake !!!

  31. ITS ALL ABOUT ME! says:

    you could put ice cream in the middle of 2 of them

  32. Xmas Kiss says:

    Theres a peach crumble recipe on the back of a box of ginger snaps, its really tasty

  33. radhaforhim says:

    if they are decorated, leave them out as decoration. maybe take a icepick or like and poke a hole near the top. string it and hang on tree or elsewhere for festive decorating. regardless, dear, i promise it is ok to throw them away…. nobody will look down on you!! happy gingerbreading!

  34. Britt says:

    Leave some of them out overnight, let them dry out, and use them as ornaments or air fresheners. Makes the room smell great.

  35. Sheemione Granger says:

    why don’t u just eat them?!………lol…………i would.

  36. ♥DEv♥ says:

    give them away as presents in gift baskets. always works for me and if there good it’s a very lovely gift for a loved one! ♥♥

  37. Matt Flaschen says:

    Eat them.

  38. Siena G says:

    You could make delicious brownies and just sprinkle the gingerbread crumbs on top. I hope that this helps.

  39. Samm =] says:

    eat em =] yummyyy
    give them as a gift
    make a gingerbread house
    crumble them up and put them in vanilla yogert. It sounds really gross but its actually really good!

  40. GayleRose C says:

    then throw if they re expired if they r not eat them or give it to someone

  41. Grace says:

    Break them up and make a pie crust. Yummy!

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