What to bring to a thanksgiving dinner?

Question by just_ask: What to bring to a thanksgiving dinner?
My boyfriend invited me to have thanksgiving dinner with his family. I don’t like to come empty handed and need some ideas on what I could bring. I could cook, bake, or buy something. So, can you suggest something? Please and thank you!
We’re in our teens, if that helps any =)

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Answer by Angel
Ask him to ask the host.

Do you have a family favorite that you could share with his family?

Otherwise, drinks or desserts are always good.

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  1. Mrs. Taker says:

    Wow sounds serious to spend the 1st Turkey day w/your sweeties family? My advice is to bring a pretty Thanksgiving floral arrangement or a centerpiece. Maybe something w/a cute little turkey inside the flowers. I’m sure his mom is having plenty for the feast. But call that morning & ask if she needs anything that you can pick up on the way there. Good luck & have fun.

  2. Sustagurl2 says:

    Oberweiss Egg Nog Will Be A HIT! This… I guarantee!

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