What should I put in my Grandma’s christmas gift basket?

Question by Becky: What should I put in my Grandma’s christmas gift basket?
Me and my cousin are fourteen and are planning to make our grandma a christmas gift basket.
We’ve already thought of candles, bath and body things and perfume but can you think of anything else?


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Answer by x2000
Grandparents almost always like a picture of the grand kids. So included a nice framed picture of the two of you.

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  1. Betsy says:

    I like the idea of adding a framed pictures of you or your family.

    Does your grandma do her own cooking?

    If she does you could mix up different homemade mixes and put them in small canning jars tied with ribbon.

    Salt free taco seasoning:
    Pumpkin Latte Mix
    Cappuccino Mix
    Hot Chocolate Mix
    Cookie Mix

    http://www.orientaltrading.com has cute giftbags and containers for treats



    If she doesn’t cook you could bake and make her things like popcorn balls and pretzel treat mix, that sort of thing.

    Have fun!

  2. Zippy says:

    Denture cleaner. Diapers. Cemetery pamphlets.

  3. Belgian maiden says:

    Talk to your mums, as they know your grandma better and know what she may need or like but would never get herself – older people tend to say they don’t need this or that, but they may actually like certain things to pamper themselves but won’t spend the money for it. These can be little things. I am thinking of a hamper with some special foods like speciality pates, sauces, jams, tinned speciality soups etc. that she wouldn’t get for herself but would like to use when she’s in the mood for it. You would need to put things in there that don’t have to be eaten within a few days or weeks… You could also just put a few things in the basket but include a “voucher” from the both of you to do something special for her, like helping her doing something she really wants or needs. For instance, she may want some help in the garden that you could do. Or you could put in a voucher to take her out for a special tea somewhere, so she gets time to chat with you both (that’s really important to grandma’s!). Or she may like a beauty treatment and you both may be able to pay for part of all of it? Just look at your grandma’s life, what she likes, what she does. I’m sure the best presents are those that are “personalised”, I mean adapted to the person, the way they are, think and feel. It may be down to just a book or a DVD…
    Edit: it looks like someone doesn’t like ANY ideas offered, thumbing all answers down, haha!

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