What should I do at my Halloween party?

Question by Naomi: What should I do at my Halloween party?
4 of my friends and I (we’re all 15 btw) are having a little Halloween party together. We’re gonna try to have a sleepover, but if that doesn’t work out we’ll just chill.
So we plan to watch a scary movie (but not one to scary… if you have any recommendations please say them!), and bake pillsburry halloween cookies. What ELSE could we do? Halloween-ish activities?

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Answer by quarterhorsegirl☮
Haunted Tour

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  1. rainbow_cloud says:

    tell scary stories, bob for apples, scary makeover!
    you should watch Sorority Row its not too scary, but you get a couple of shocks c:
    hope you guys have a nice time! x

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