What other yummy chinese dessert is there besides fortune cookies?

Question by missC: What other yummy chinese dessert is there besides fortune cookies?
anything lemoney or anything else at all?

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Answer by LoJo
Pot stickers are yummy ..with a side of soy sauce mixed with a dash of mustard in it. ….people love to dip !

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  1. re.vilo says:

    buchi, hopia, moon cake

    or try searching “chowking” or “superbowl of china” in the internet they are popular chinese fastfood in the philippines

  2. sol vanzi says:

    Lychees with almond jelly, Tan Tart (mini egg pies), Mango and Melon with Tapioca, Black (or Grass) jelly.

  3. soothsayer says:

    there is a bunch of stuff. first off, fortune cookies was invented in san francisco. it’s chinese american..

    real chinese desserts are stuff like cold red bean soups

    or something with tapioca in it. or steamed rice cake “bok tong go” (white) “wong tong go” (yellow)

    or steamed buns filled wtih sweet bean paste.

    or moon cakes, or soft cookies filled with winter melon “lo pau bing”

    ……….there are also western style chinese desserts. these things include fortune cookies, almond cookies, sponge cakes, and egg tarts. egg tarts are really good, these are actually portuguese pasteis de nata “egg tarts”. as you know may know macau once was a portuguese colony so the chinese got them from there, and now they are here.

    there’s also thick sliced toast topped with peanut butter and condensed milk, or french toast topped with whatever you want including peanut butter and chocolate (click for lots of pics)

    last but not least, bubble tea with the black tapioca pearls in them, and also “yin yang” coffee milk tea (33% coffee, 33% tea, 33% milk)

  4. abc says:

    I love Ai-Yu Jelly. You can buy it in a chinese supermarket in the canned foods isle. It is a yellowish color, and slightly sweet. I cut the jelly into cubes, throw it in a punch bowl with a can of frozen lemonade, add 2 liters of sprite, some ice, and presto! Easy, cold, sweet and delicious!

  5. una g says:

    i love tapioca in coconut milk with melon. egg custard pies are great but a little too rich.

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