What makes oatmeal cookies puff up when u bake them?

Question by NORM: What makes oatmeal cookies puff up when u bake them?
I’ve been making oatmeal cookies using b/powder and b/soda but I just cant figure out why sometimes their nice & puffy and sometimes flat. I’d like them puffy but I’m not much of baker just trying to learn…Please help..

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Answer by coolmommy
you need to use fresh baking powder and soda, they lose their uumph after a little while.

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  1. Rli R says:

    If you use a recipe that calls for baking soda, it needs a catalyst to activate it. A catalyst for baking soda is an acidic product like lemon juice. So, if you have baking soda in your recipe and it doesn’t have either sour milk, lemon juice or some kind of acidic fruit in it, that could be a cause for it being flat.

  2. bizzymom38 says:

    it also depends on how much moisture is in the air…….. what the weather is like………humidity……… trust me , it all counts…

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