What kind of things should I put in a learning basket?

Question by Randy: What kind of things should I put in a learning basket?
I am making a learning basket for my four year old nephew. What kind of things should I put in there?

I have puzzles,flash cards,and learning books.

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Answer by FroggyB
Small dry erase board and marker; you can also find dry erase activity books
Memory matching game
Alphabet or number stickers
Magnetic alphabet and numbers; you can use a metal cookie sheet as a play board for these
Uno card game or other card game
Math toy such as Wedgits, pattern blocks, or Inchimals
Child’s tape measure
Pencils or twist-up crayons and a small note pad of blank paper for drawing and writing

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  1. Deepak says:

    Activities for counting (beads), activities for fine motor skills: (put a shoe lace so that he will make a bead necklace out of those beads), blind edge scissor for cutting activities, some clothespins for finger exercises (open/close), also some little empty containers (bottles from perfume, cream, make up boxes, cardboard boxes again for open/close exercises, color pencils, coloring book, crayons, and also preschool work book (buy it at the Walmart), flash cards (staples or dollar store), magnet board and a magnet lower case letters and nos. from 1-2 (from walmart), etc. etc.

  2. Sandro says:

    How about many different stuffed animals, you can imitate their sounds and the kids will be able to identify the animals and sounds.
    Also, some drawing and painting material, color pencils, do-a-dot rainbow art set, small puzzles, color blocks and boards, a sorting clock just to mention a few. My cousin is a preschool teacher and she always gets her stuff at https://www.supercheaptoys.com/ I hope it helps.

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