What kind of healthy treats can I give a lab?

Question by Jo: What kind of healthy treats can I give a lab?
Ive heard that chocolate can kill dogs.
Ive heard that ice cream is very bad for them (and yet, they carry dog ice cream treats at my grocer? :? )

Ok well whether those things are true or not, I prefer not to give a lab those treats because they are already prone to weight gain anyway…

So what kind of healthy snacks could I give her? DO they have healthy doggie cookies or something? Could I make something?

I like to have treats once in a while, I think it would be nice if she could too… other than dog bones.

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Answer by Bossoli
You can buy Zukes brand natural treats if you want to buy actual dog treats.

However, baby carrots and apple pieces work great as well and dogs love them.

‘mornin tony!

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  1. tony l says:

    Apples, Baby carrots, plain yogurt with honey. Stuff the kong with peanut butter /natural/ and freeze it.
    Forget ANY store bought “treat”, it’s crap.
    BTW, good morning Bossoli :)

  2. erinsuzy says:

    My dogs love Pegetables. They look like veggies. They get a kick out of them. The dog ice cream is not the same as human ice cream and is formulated for their digestive systems. Eukanuba also makes diet dog treats. The other answers to this question also have good ideas.

  3. luvmyyorkies says:

    Chocolate is deadly to dogs. The ice cream they sell for dogs is fine. There is a web site called Foster&Smith and they have a variety of healthy snacks for dogs. Greenies work well for me. I also give cooked eggs to them for a shiny coat. You could cooked some chicken and cut it into strips and give them that. Hope this helps.

  4. encouraging_angels says:

    I don’t think a small amount of ice-cream would hurt your dog as your is a big dog. Ice-cream contain lactose, and some dogs are lactose intolerate, my dog has ice-cream and she perfectly fine.

    We give our Labrador x Golden Retriver=Carrots, broccoli, potatoes, tomatos, peas, sweetcorn, apples-in high doses seeds can be toxic. Pears are okay as long as the seeds&skin are removed.

    I don’t feed my dog garlic and I am unhappy with the natural products in pedigree. She not as perky, happy or alert or energetic as what she was on Beneful.

  5. mmurrayslack says:

    Go to Recipeczar website. I have a homemade dog biscuit recipe posted. You will have to do a search-I’m not sure of the name-I posted it some time ago. I think it was Sasha’s cookies, or something like that. My recipe uses a bread machine, but if you are up for kneading it, go right ahead!
    Yes, chocolate is bad for dogs, but you can use carob in treats. When I make these biscuits I have used leftover meat from dinner, honey,peanut butter, etc. Pretty much anything you can think of can go in these.
    I also found a recipe for homemade frost paws on there. It uses low fat yogurt and peanut butter. My girls love it. You can make a batch and freeze it in smaller portions.
    There is also a recipe for puppy cake on there. I think it is called Bonzo’s Bodacious Birthday cake or something along those lines. It is sugar free and uses banana baby food. I make one for each of their birthdays and freeze the leftovers for occasional treats.
    If you can’t find these recipies contact me and I will help you out. Good luck!

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