What kind of gift could I give to someone who loves to make German food?

Question by Brianna: What kind of gift could I give to someone who loves to make German food?
I’ve thought of a cookbook, but I’m wondering if there is a particular cooking utensil or cookware that is useful for cooking German food? Or perhaps there is a great recipe for something to put in a jar?

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Answer by Patti
Spatzle-maker or cabbage shredder if they are into making homemade sauerkraut.

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  1. Michael says:

    Any kind of good german sausage. Try and find a specialty shop or maybe you have a high end food store like a whole foods. Bratwurst is a good one, also bloodwurst if your friend is really into german food. A good german made beer would go great with that. Just make sure the beer is actually made in germany, there are several posers made here in America and our beer is mostly piss water when compared to a good german brew.

    If there are two things Germans love its sausage and beer!!!!

    I hope this helps

  2. Shannon says:

    I second the Spaetzle Maker! It’s a glorified grater, but it sure beats pushing the dough through a colander. Plus, it’s an awesome German staple that can be enhanced with a variety of additions to the dough. Since they are strained directly from the pot, you may want to include a nice strainer also.

    Wikipedia states:
    The estimated annual commercial production of spätzle in Germany is approximately 40,000 tons, which does not include spätzle made by individual households.[5] and restaurants.

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