What kind of frosting/icing to use on these cookies…?

Question by <3: What kind of frosting/icing to use on these cookies…?
Im packing and shipping these cookies off to another state. These cookies will have little designs/writings/drawings on them using the frosting/icing. Does anybody have any brand names or know where I can buy this icing? Here is a picture to give you an idea of the kind I want…


I just don’t know what that icing is called and how to make it.

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Answer by Emu
I used to work in a cookie bouquets shop. This is the cookie icing we used. It will dry so you can stack the cookies without them sticking together, yet stay soft enough you can eat them without breaking a tooth. Those designs are cute. The recipe I am giving you is kind of thick. Use it to outline with, then thin it down with just a few drops of hot water so you can put s little in the center of the area you want filled in and it will spread to the outline you made and fill that entire area with icing. The icing will be very smooth. Each section or color that you want has to first be outlined with the stiffer icing, let it dry for a few minutes, then fill in with the thinned icing. I am also sending you a link to some cookies which I made last Christmas using this icing.


3 egg whites, at room temp.
Whip 2 min., fast speed or until stiff.
1/2 tsp. almond extract
1 tsp. vanilla
1 lb. powdered sugar (1 box)
2 TBS. Crisco
Mix on low speed until smooth.


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