What kind of food should you eat if you’re diabetic, and what kinds of food should you avoid?

Question by lilmama: What kind of food should you eat if you’re diabetic, and what kinds of food should you avoid?
I need to eat like a diabetic to prevent from becoming one and I have no idea what foods are good and what should be avoided.

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Answer by pip
look up Glycemic Index and eat foods that have a low GI value.. also losing weight and building muscle reduce insulin resistance and can aid you in recovery.

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  1. ilovechris!! says:

    well i know of this juice that will help you if you have high sugars and cant keep your diabetes under control just visit my website and find out about it OK and email me if you have any questions…
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  2. Heather C says:

    well basically you would want to stay away from sugary foods like cake,ice cream, soda,cookies, candy,anything that has alot of sugar also watch ur carbs. Eating to many can raise blood sugars eat healthy food plenty of veges + fruits, chicken is good, stay away from fattening foods like mcdonalds if you can limit to like 1x a month im a diabetic myself an i tend to stick to my diet well sometimes i cheat but im on a insulin pump so i can just adjust my insulin.

  3. Me.Like.You.Only.Better says:

    I have the same problem. Last year when i turned 13 my doctor told me that i will deveop Diabetes so i started working out and dieting before this i weighed 119 and within 3 months i weighed 106. This was a very different change for me i never even think about driking soda, i dont eat any treats or sweets and i eat lots of salads.

    Good Luck and I wish you Health!

  4. Just Ducky!! says:

    Here’s a general recommendation that will keep you healthy. Eat lots of vegetables (the less cooked, the better). Try to stick with whole grains. Processed ones turn to sugar too easily and tax your system. Eat fresh fruits. Avoid empty calories like junk food. Keep the fats, carbs, and sugars low. Eat a little fish or chicken for protein, if you like, but avoid meat and dairy products. Keep your weight as close to ‘ideal’ as you can according to a BMI calculator. You can find one here: http://www.chetday.com . If you eat as this doctor recommends: http://www.drmcdougall.com , you won’t become ‘full blown’ diabetic. I should have listened to him when I had the chance. Keeping weight down and exercising will go a long, long way toward avoiding diabetes. Eating the way I recommend will help you keep the weight off and it will also help you feel better… (I read your other question).

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