What kind of cookies should i make?

Question by Alyssa C: What kind of cookies should i make?
For com arts i have to demonstrate something. I chose to cook cookies, but i need to know what kind of cookies. I want to make a type of Halloween cookies, but Halloween cookies that are easy to make but creative? So what I am asking you is if you know ANY kind of Halloween cookies i can make for class?

If you know any kind please tell me.
It would be amazing if you could.

Easy points!!

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Answer by Kourtney H
sugar cookies with orange frosting =)

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  1. kaneswifey says:

    At the grocery store get a ready to bake cookie roll, usually sugar cookies with a bat or pumpkin dye in the middle, really cute!! If you want to make them yourself then make a sugar cookie but put orange icing with black, yellow and white sprinkles on top. Good lucK!

  2. pixy_stix_03 says:

    Ghost Cookies
    6 oz Vanilla flavored almond bark
    15 1/2 oz Nutter butter cookies
    Small black jelly beans

    Melt almond bark following package directions. Dip 2/3 of each cookie in melted candy, shaking gently to remove excess coating. Place on wire rack with waxed paper underneath. For eyes, cut jelly beans in half and place on cookies. Cool completely before removing from rack.

    Jack-O-Lantern Cookies
    Yield: about 2 dozen

    2/3 c Margarine
    3/4 c Granulated sugar
    1 t. Vanilla
    1 Egg
    4 t. Milk
    2 c All-purpose flour
    1 1/2 t. Baking powder
    1/4 t. Salt

    Thoroughly cream margarine. Add sugar and blend until light. Add vanilla. Add egg; beat until fluffy. Stir in milk. In another bowl put flour, baking powder and salt; blend with a whisk or a spoon until thoroughly mixed. Gradually add flour mixture to creamed mixture; blend well. Scoop dough out onto plastic wrap, cover with wrap and press down to make a thick, flat round. Chill in refrigerator over-night.

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

    Cut batch of dough in half; keep one half in refrigerator while working with the other half. On a well floured surface, using a floured rolling pin, roll dough to between 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch. Use a 2-inch biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter to make cookies. Place on cookie sheet greased with butter-flavored shortening, if possible (otherwise, regular flavor shortening). Bake for 6 to 8 minutes or until lightly browned around the edges. Cool on wire rack. Repeat with remaining dough. Store in airtight container until you are ready to spread them with frosting and decorate. Spread frosting on cookies; then make Jack-o-lantern faces using colorful small candies or icing gel in a tube. Makes about two dozen cookies.

    i hope that helps u

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