What kind of cookies are chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate??

chocolate chip cookies
by ccho

Question by Crazzychk: What kind of cookies are chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate??
I love chocolate chip cookies. But my favorite part isn’t the chocolate chips! I like the cookie part. SO, if I wanted to make a fresh batch of cookies without chocolate chips, what would these cookies be called?

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  1. Shira says:

    sugar cookies

  2. tlw773 says:

    sugar cookies

  3. hawkeye62413 says:

    Obviously Non-Chocolate Chip Cookies, or just COOKIES!!!!

  4. ♥TayLee♥ says:

    cocolate cookies.

  5. piratedoll says:

    Sugar cookies

  6. drysac says:

    non-chocolate tasty cookies

  7. dale_putman says:

    Chocolate Chipless….

  8. sweetboba says:

    peanut butter cookies!

  9. Isabela says:

    chip cookies.

  10. gargoyl says:

    That’s one of the most interesting questions I’ve ever seen… I have no idea, I’m not sure they even have a name…

    I guess you’d use the toll house recipe, without the chocolate chips? So maybe ‘not toll house cookies’?

    Look forward to the answers on this one… maybe they’re sugar cookies?


  11. Bigdog says:

    Chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips!!

    OK OK Sugar cookies.

  12. leese69 says:

    They would be basically a shortbread or butter cookie, because of the high butter content.

  13. jmk_jenmarie says:

    Well they really aren’t a traditional sugar cookie, and they really don’t fit into a lot of other catergories because of thier lack of flavoring. You could call them chocolate chip-less cookies. I’m not sure that there is a certain name for them. You can call them anything you want. I used to love to make that too..the dough is super good. And I used to like to make blueberry muffins without the blueberries. I think that would be considered..cupcakes maybe? I don’t know..I like that there is someone out there as weird as me.

  14. ShellTistan says:

    a darn shame

  15. Jazzy Geri says:

    I agree with you I could eat the “cookie part” all by itself….when I think of biting into that cookie without the chips I think my taste bud memory has thoughts of ” brown sugar and butter”…those are the flavors that stand out in my mind….besides the chocolate that you don’t need. The more I think of these now I could have a couple with a cold glass of milk..and dunk them….oh yes what great memories!

    Mama Jazzy Geri

  16. LuciaLaLa says:

    Vanilla butter cookies. I also love chocolate chip cookies without the chips and always manage to sneak a few into every batch.

  17. Adriana says:

    I don’t know but they sure wouldn’t be “Chocolate Chip Cookies”!

  18. kate says:

    Just do the chip recipe and omit the chips, simple . . .
    or the sugar cookie . . .
    Cookies are really just flour, sugar, butter and some leavening agent like baking powder Then, people add nuts or chips or whatever.

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