What japanese manga has a movie version of it?

Question by Natalia T: What japanese manga has a movie version of it?
I am looking for mangas that had a movie version of it, please help me.
(Offers cookies and cakes as thanks for even looking at this question)

Best answer:

Answer by Onee-san
Death Note
Peach Girl
Princess Princess
Battle Royale
Prince of TEnnis

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  1. Cauliflower says:

    These are just liveaction movies:
    Ayu no monogatari (drama… does that count?)
    Death Note (two japanese movies, and a planed one to come out from hollywood in 2010…. *sigh* why?)
    DBZ (a hollywood movie is coming out soonO_O looks like crap)
    Ichi the Killer (I’m pretty sure this has a manga…. I think)
    Peach Girl
    Nigima (drama)
    Grave of the Fireflies (drama)

  2. Gianeka L says:

    full metal alchemist
    cc sakura
    dragon ball
    code geass
    gainax evangelion
    one piece
    air gear
    final fantasy
    flame of recca
    wel ther is a lot of them i forgot the other else…do oyu mean the OVA too?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Just movies? or ones with dramas with episodes?

    Hana Yori Dango ( 3 drama versions…korean, japan and tw + 1 jmovie)
    Death Note (3 movies)
    Transformers (2nd movie coming out)
    Hana-Kimi (three drama versions..tw, k, j )
    Princess Princess ( 1 drama season)
    Mei Chan no Shitsuji (1 drama season)
    Jigoku Shoujo ( 1 drama, 1 movie and 3 seasons of anime)
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    NANA ( 2 movies and anime)
    Itazura na Kiss ( 2 seasons of drama and 1 season of anime)
    Goong (1 kdrama)
    Full House (1 drama season)
    Kurosagi ( 1 movie and 1 drama season)
    Kimi Wa Petto (1 drama season)
    Gokusen ( 3 seasons)
    Honey and Clover ( 2 drama versions…tw and japan)
    Zettai Kareshi ( 1 drama season)
    Lovely Complex ( 1 movie and 1 anime season)

    That’s all that I remember :O

  4. izu24 says:

    if you mean live action movies…

    death note
    prince of tennis
    i was also going to include hana kimi, hana yori dango and gokusen but they have live action drama series…not really movies…well, based from what i know and seen…

  5. holly says:

    the most recent one would be the twentieth century boys

    the second one is on the theter now

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