What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Question by okapi♥: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Mine is cookie dough.

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Answer by mikayla_mittry
mint and chip.

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  1. ♥liongirl♥ says:

    I love cookie dough and that is one of my favorites! I also like mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and turtle.

  2. mv_alva says:

    My brand new favorite is strawberry chip.

  3. angel b says:

    yeah luv cookie dough but i’ve also always been a vanilla girl!


  4. aunigram53 says:

    this the sall time best make by edy’s it’s called chocolate peanut butter cup oh yeah

  5. snl79ohio says:

    Half baked by Ben and Jerry’s
    a month ago I’d have said Mint Chocolate Chip, but a friend introduced me to this stuff, YUMMO!
    Half chocolate ice cream with fudge brownie and half vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough, MMMMMMMMM

  6. bubblin_brn_sgr says:

    My favorite flavor ice cream is Maggie Moo’s Cream.

  7. dflannery715 says:

    mint chocolate chip

  8. ~♥♠CJ♠♥~ says:

    Ben and Jerry’s Irish Mudslide

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