What is the worst commercial you have ever seen?

Question by The REAL Steel Deal!!!: What is the worst commercial you have ever seen?
We have local spots, one is “Bob’s discount furniture” it is clay-mation and Bob is there and his competitor is hooked up to a polygraph, and the clay-mation is atrocious as is the dialog…I think it is by far the worst commercial ever. Anyone else?

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Answer by MetalBlade
I think the “he bought it at Jared” commercials suck…and the cavemen commercials are just plain stupid

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  1. Horndog says:

    Those “Head On” commercials were particularly annoying to me.
    I was aware of the name of the product the first time I heard it, after the twentieth time I was considering using some other pain reliever to rid me of the headache that ad caused.

  2. C.Danger says:

    oh yes, the Bobs commercials are horrendous. i also hate this new sketchers commercial i just saw … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4cRcOI4Hb8

  3. TK says:

    But we probably wouldn’t shop at a discount furniture store that spent millions on its advertising budget. I think Bob’s is consciously cheesy to play up the value angle. Let’s face it, if you buy from his store it isn’t because you were seduced by Bob’s Gregory Peck-like visage or because he promised that several busty women in high heels, short shorts and fishnet stockings would fight over you because you recline in a pimped-out Lazy-Boy you bought at Bob’s.( Not that that would be a bad thing.)

    No. You bought from Bob’s because you knew you could get a good deal on that square breakfast table that seats sixteen people. So let’s leave Bob alone.

    There are lots of commercials that are simply forgettable. I honestly can’t think of one that I would consider the worst. But I would love to see other people’s lists.

  4. Captain Shannon says:

    Anything by eHarmony. I just want to upchuck when one of those things comes on.

  5. Mark T says:

    Lord knows, there are some commercials today which SUCK powerfully.

    For your consideration – this gem was mercifully removed from the airwaves of the greater Tri-State NJ/NY/CT area some years ago.

    But it still sucks just as powerfully today as it did back then.

    Tom Carvel – Could very easily be the worst marketing genius in human history, Cookie Puss – was his idea. I appologize because I could NOT find the original Cookie Puss advertisements, which were totally embarrassing, they were originally narrated by Tom completely, but he used to laugh during the recording of the ads, when it came time to announce his product, because they had been threatened with being censored for obscenity or some such.

    After being threatened they came out with two or three other questionable names for products, so “Cookie-O-Puss”, and “Fudgie the Whale” etc.

    This ad was out originally when the movie ET was still out and popular , so they figured they would hit the regular Christmas / Holiday market, try and ride the popular wave for the movie, as well as try to nail St. Patrick’s day – all in one commercial. I’m not sure what’s worse the Cookie Puss/ Celestial Person, The Cookie O-Puss or the bad accents.


    And I suspect anyone expecting to have a little romance after giving their love-interest this was probably in serious trouble.


    Of course if you want to guess how badly advertisement can suck you can ALWAYS count on Microsoft.


    Proof positive that some things which are – probably shouldn’t be, and that sometimes no matter how bad you screw up – sometimes you still succeed – out of SHEER luck.

  6. WHO am i? says:

    cillit bang..

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