What is the purpose behind Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies? ?

Question by jkasper94: What is the purpose behind Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies? ?
The Culture and why the are made and eaten!

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Answer by Axiom
They’re actually Russian Tea Cakes. The name “Mexican Wedding Cake” came about when they became popular at Mexican weddings.


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  1. TX2step says:

    The purpose is to eat them. The same cookie is popular in nearly every culture, under a different name. They’re the same as Russian Tea Cakes and Pecan Crescents (different shape – USA)

  2. msjantastic says:

    To make you fat and make you crave more garbage foods.

  3. tormentt says:

    they are made because they are a cookie…and eatin or the same reason. its a sweet treat.mexican or not..just like your chocolate chip cookie or oreos whatever..its a cookie for anyone who likes cookies to be able to eat and enjoy…

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