What is the best way to ship a cake or cookies?

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Question by Pinkadot: What is the best way to ship a cake or cookies?
I have a small business making cakes/cookies/desserts and want to expand to being able to ship across the US. What is the best way? How would I ship a cake? Would you always have to do overnight?

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Answer by wispy
Different answers for cakes and cookies. I send Christmas cookies often in a cardboard tube like from Potato Chips sepaated by rounds of waxed paper.One of my fiends sent me some in the tube from a bottle of Scotch. (lol) Since I don’t drink, it caused some gossip when I threw it out. Yep, tubes for cookies…
Now cakes, Sent a cream filled torte to Hawaii in an insulated container like this….


Expensive in a way but the cake got there in the same shape as it went into the package Also overnight would not always be indicated with an insulated shipping container

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