what is the best recipe for gingerbread cookies?

Question by GKi: what is the best recipe for gingerbread cookies?
i want to make some gingerbread cookies. i only like the fluffy kinds. i hate the hard kinds.
what is a good recipe for fluffy gingerbread cookies????also, i prefer cookies with not a lot of butter,sugar, or things that make you fat…
and do i have to chill the dough? will it be softr even if i dont chill it?

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Answer by Grace
Hey! Good luck working this issue out. I just had a similar problem just. I’m sorry that i can’t be more helpful. I am so sympathetic to you 8-P

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  1. ihavetheanswer101 says:

    Here is a recipe for super-soft gingerbread cookies:


    Chilling the dough is optional, but I have found that they turn out better when you do.

    Happy Holidays!

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